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Almost everything is becoming accessible in 21st century and education system is not left untouched. There are changes being seen in this system especially the practical and experiential learning is being accessible online through various sources. It is for sure that everything cannot be replaced or made available through online resources because college degrees and certificates are important part of education. However, most practical people would agree that these degrees and certificates are not enough nowadays. Essential skills are needed to kick-start a career and finding a job in any field.

It becomes essential to find a career mentor online to help you impart crucial skills for getting and keeping a job in this 21st century. It becomes imperative for the students and candidates to be directed by professionals who have field experience as well as classroom learning. Finding a mentor through reliable source can provide the guidance that is truly needed.

find a career mentor

Benefits of learning from mentor

Experience –The career mentor you choose will not just guide you through the details of your subject, but also help you learn from his experience and learning. They can acquaint you withto the knowledge of other people, which in turn will let you understand clearlythe way things are done in practicality and how they could be.

Empathy – The mentor has been through everything you are facing today and perhaps will face in future if you proceed without right guidance. They will also help you deal with things in a specific situation. Instead of learning from trial and error method, you can step in with confidence making no repeated error. This makes a huge difference.

Network – When connected with the right mentor, you will automatically get connected to the network he is in of right kind of people who will be of help and support in your journey. When interacting with other people of your field, you not just learn a lot, but you are also open to endless opportunities. Also, learning from experienced people makes learning faster and accurate as well. 

Goal –Everyone’s journey is different, but every person has his or her goal set. When you find a mentor online, he or she will keep up with you and will never let you forget the real reason and goal of your journey. This will help you set short term as well as long term goals and milestones for your journey. You will be able to take any kind of decision in your career with confidence.

Accountability – With a mentor you will not get easily distracted or go off the track. He will not onlybe helpful in setting your goal, but also make sure you progress at right speed. When someone is there who would hold you accountable, you will definitely stay motivated and complete your tasks on time. The results would also be better as you will have your focus on it throughout.

The professional who would become an online mentor goes through some tests and has to stick to mentor-mentee guidelines of the platform or to the standard ones. You can have someone whom you can get in touch no matter when or from where. Also choose the mentor only after reading the feedbacks and testimonials of real candidates of that specific platform. However, choosing a reliable and well-known platform also keeps you assured that you are in safe hands.

The real fact is that a mentoring partnership is personally and professionally rewarding for both, the mentor and the mentee. It offers an opportunity to build communication skills, consider new ways of facing situations and helps expand viewpoints. Both of them can have a happy plus successful career.

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