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If you are looking for a mentor, you will be surprised to know that it is easier than ever before today to find one and that too, the one who is suitable for you. In fact, you can find a career mentor online who would be the best fitting one to your needs and might turn out helpful in lot many ways than you had even thought of. But before jumping into any one of the platforms and signing up with a mentor quickly, it is advisable to sort out your needs and expectations so that you get the desired results.

Find a Career Mentor Online

Points to remember beforehand

  1. Be clear–Before you start looking for a mentor, you should write down what your specific expectations are from him and what role you want him to play. Do you want your mentor to help you with networking attempts or you want to learn more about the industry or you simply want him to guide you on how to become a successful professional? When you are clear about your expectations, goals and objectives, you will be able to find the right mentor and the relationship will help you achieve professional goals.
  2. Look up for mentors everywhere – It is advisable not to restrict yourself when you are looking for mentors. Look outside your workplace and even look for them online. Find a career mentor online and check out some of their profiles to shortlist two or three of them.
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 3. Fix an appointment – No matter the appointment is online or in person, once you choose a mentor or two, it is important you meet him to discuss on the points for possible mentoring relationship. Make sure the meeting should be where you feel comfortable and confident while talking to him.

 4. Speak clearly – Once you have decided who you want your mentor to be, you should show your commitment towards your expectations. Speak clearly about everything related to it, ask him about the time that would be needed, availability of your mentor and establish a schedule of regular meeting where you would discuss on topics. Also, ensure a way of communication through which you can get in touch with him in the fastest way.


Tips for finding a good career mentor

  • If you are trying to change your career, find out the top most people who are in that industry.
  • You can also check online platforms and shortlist the profiles of the mentors who are there in your field. Research well, read the feedbacks of their mentees and then select few mentors.
  • Learn about their background, education, experience level and even common interests.
  • Contact with each of them, but keep it slow. It is good to send them email to see how they respond to it.
  • Have patience because the mentor you are trying to connect might be busy. It is quite possible that he may take a day or two to respond to your email.
  • Once you contact the mentor one by one, you will definitely know who would be the right one for you.

When you are up to next career steps, the guidance and advice from a good mentor must be the one push that may help you and guide you through. So, take some time and once your meetings with the selected mentors are done, choose the one that you feel would be the right one. It is for sure that once you find a career mentor online you will be able to grow faster and take right decisions.


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