How to Become a Paid Mentor Online

Today, more and more professionals are actively pursuing mentoring to move forward in their careers. Surprisingly, it doesn’t matter whether you are a mentor or a mentee, these relationships will definitely benefit you. A mentoring partnership is often beneficial for both, the mentor and the mentee, personally as well as professionally. The online mentoring platforms give an opportunity to develop communication skills, expand view points and consider new ways to address any situation. Both, one at the giving end and the one at the receiving end, can advance their respective careers in this process.

Mentoring is basically a relationship between two people intended to develop personally and professionally. The mentor is the experienced individual who shares his knowledge and expertise with the mentee, the seeking one and who is the less experienced individual. Traditionally mentors offered free advice and shared their knowledge making a voluntary commitment. However, today, with the help of online platforms, you can find a career mentor online who will be available for you 24/7. So, you can reach out with any problem, discussion or seek any advice whenever you want to.

How to become a paid mentor

Mentoring can, in fact, be tailored to your needs and can help you develop personal qualities and competencies. If you want to share your expertise with the young professionals or students, you would like to know how to become a paid mentor. Once you have decided, you only need to find a good platform and get registered there. You would be asked to fill your details and then you will be asked to complete a situational and technical assessment program which is designed to verify your skills to support the students seeking advice on that specific platform. Once you successfully complete this step, you can start mentoring.

how to become  a paid mentor

Benefits of being an online mentor

To improve communication skills – Since the mentee could be from different background or different environment, it is quite possible both of you might not be comfortable using same language. In such cases you will have to communicate more effectively and help your mentee proceed and grow properly.

To develop leadership skills – Having experience and knowledge is one thing and sharing that with others and helping them become better person, better manager, better team member and better employee is something quite different and challenging. By becoming a mentor, you will be able to motivate and encourage others.

Grow your career – By refining your communication skill and leadership qualities your performance on your job or in your career is definitely going to strengthen. Helping others to grow and learn is something very beneficial in today’s business world.

Get personal satisfaction – Helping others gives every person a satisfaction deep within especially when that help is contributed to someone’s growth and development directly.

Have flexible working hours – Becoming an online mentor will give you freedom to work whenever you want to. There will not be any limitation to time and timings. You will decide the time to each mentee and have the freedom to choose the time that suits you.

Reach out to students from all over the world – An online mentor is not limited to any specific geographical boundary. One can be in one part of the world and guide his mentee sitting in another part of the world.

Interacting is easy when in a remote place – No matter whether you are a mentor or it is about your mentee, one opens up easily when he or she is not physically present face to face. This reduces the feeling of discomfort for both.

So, if you are a mentee, find a career mentor online and get started. Seek advice and grow in your career while identifying your goal, monitor them and even set new ones when needed. And if you are an experienced professional, become a paid mentor and teach the skills one needs for a satisfying and successful career.


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