How to Choose an Online Mentoring Platform for Start-ups

Start-up owners have a lot in their plate and most of the things need to be done on time no matter one finds time or not. Also, not just everything should be done on time, but lot more keeps waiting adding up to the stress level. Many feel that their team is ready but they don’t know what tools to implement next. There are many such teething problems that arise and if these resonate, don’t panic. You just need an online mentoring platform for startups to help you through and guide you on different steps.

No one can deny the brutal truth that you can’t be an expert of all aspects of business. The online mentoring programs are designed to help you find a suitable mentor who are simply people with solid experience in the same area as yours and who are ready to share their knowledge, experience and expertise with people like you. This is not new to most of you because mentors have existed ever since business started in this world. The fact is that something has changed recently making it further convenient and easily accessible and of course, affordable.

an online mentoring platform for start-ups

There are online mentoring platforms that invite and allow entrepreneurs and other professionals to connect with experts and get advice and help addressing small and big, expected and unexpected problems. This kind of assistance is available either for free or for nominal fee. So, once you decide you need a mentor, you will have to take all necessary precautions and look for them online strategically so that you find the best suited one for you.

Steps to choose– an online mentoring platform for start-ups

  1. The first step is to research and shortlist at least three platforms which you find is suitable for your need. It takes some time, for sure, but in order to end up finding the best mentor for right set of guidance, this is very important. So, take some time beforehand and research well. Look for the most popular ones, compare them, read their reviews and contact with some of the mentees to get a real-time idea about the platform and its working.
  2. The second step is to contact each of the shortlisted mentoring platform or with the selected mentors of your industry. This goes without saying that you will only look for the mentors who have experience and expertise in your field. One of the most important thing is to see how old is the platform and whether or not they select mentors carefully after thorough research. There are mentoring platforms that offer services for free for a limited period of time. If you have some time, you can check them out to get first-hand experience.
  3. The third step is to finalize a mentor and fix the terms and conditions regarding communication, its ways and timings. Make sure you know beforehand whether or not your mentor will assist you when and where you need him. Mentors are filtered based on expertise, years of experience, industry, region and language. So, you should be clear about what your benchmark is.

So, even if you think you know your business and its goals and perhaps you count yourself as top professionals, it would be immature to think that there aren’t great minds experienced in the same field to help you take to the next level faster. No matter what alternative you opt for, face-to-face or online, seeking advice should be recurrent, stress-free and on-demand activity. 

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