How to Find Mentor Online

You are looking for a mentor to help you grow in business or career because you know that to become a successful professional, regardless of the field, cannot be done overnight. It takes lot of time, effort and trial and errors which leads to experience and then collecting all the experience and knowledge one leads to the path of success. However, it is sure that even the successful people were at one point in time where you are today, seeking advice to proceed on their path of career. So, it is always good to ask ones who had been there and have done that.

A good mentor can help you avoid varieties of mistakes which keep you revolving a useless point often, help you solve problems, offer you valuable advice and at the same time help you realize your full potential as a professional. There was a time when finding someone really helpful was a herculean task. But today, you can find a mentor online because there are platforms which help you find the right mentor for you. There are different types of online mentoring platforms to choose from. But before that it is advisable to know what you are looking for.

how to find mentor online

Points to keep in mind

  1. Before seeking out a mentor on online mentoring India it is very important you have everything clear in your mind. You need to pen down your detailed expectations and the way you want your mentor to participate in your career path. Clarifying your expectations and objectives will make sure you find the right mentor and that relationship will be beneficial for you in your professional goals.
  2. Do not restrict yourself in a single place. You can find a mentor online and so try to look for one outside your workplace. Seeking out mentors whom you don’t know personally, but whose reviews are good, will ultimately turn out more fruitful. Make sure you choose the platform which helps you contact your mentor anytime you need him.
  3. Set up a meeting even if it is an online meeting before you sign up for the same. It is very important to meet with the mentor whom you feel is potentially right for you so that you can discuss possible mentor relationship.
  4. Once you find your mentor on the platform or even in person, it is important you let him know everything you need to know and learn, clearly. Make sure you let him know your objectives and expectations. Once this is done you will have to be clear on the time needed for that and set your timings with your mentor to establish a regular meeting schedule to discuss on topics.

There are quite a few number of platforms on online mentoring India that helps connect mentees with mentors. You can register with the one that has good reviews by real users so that there are no practical problems once you start interacting with the mentor you choose. There are different mentors for different fields and levels of various career options. Joining is free to these sites and you can even check the profiles of mentors thoroughly in any specific career field. So, get started using these resources to find a mentor online and meet experienced professionals there. Try to interact with few selected ones so that you find the best suited mentor for yourself.

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