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A true Mentor can help you take right decision during tough times and help you grow by learning what is important and fruitful for you. Explore 123Mentor to find a Mentor who would help you prepare for success. This is a great place where you can find a Mentor based on your need, interest and goals. The main objective of this independent platform is to connect you with the best fitting Mentor for your need.

As a Mentee you should be prepared to share your thoughts, ask questions and actively listen to your Mentor’s advice and responses. Having matched with a suitable Mentor is a very fortunate thing. Here you will find that we take small steps, but ultimately our intention is to transform the manner in which people learn new skills and grow into new careers. We believe in making education reachable to everyone. Selecting the Mentor will walk you through the steps of success.

find a career mentor online

Know how to find a career mentor online with three easy steps. Register, find mentor and connect with mentor and start your journey to complete your dream career. 

How to become a Mentee

Accessing a personal coach has never been easy before. With 123Mentor you can do that.

  • Join 123Mentor for free
  • Go to the ‘find a Mentor’ section and explore the list of mentors relevant to your subject.
  • Go through the profiles of your chosen mentors and pick the best rated one
  • Apply for mentorship and if you are a match with the chosen Mentor, you can start immediately
  • Get started and level up your skills. You will have hands-on support through personal chats or messages depending on the style of communication of your mentor

What is there for you

Expert guidance accessible right when you need

Take advantage of the unlimited messaging and drop your message, ask them anything and they will get back to you as soon as possible. With proper guidance one can achieve their goals with much less efforts and within time frame. 

Achieve your potential

With the help of your Mentor you can set goals and challenges which will keep you motivated throughout the week. With each assignment your Mentor will gradually raise the bar to help you grow personally and professionally. Motivation at right time can make magic in our life. A great mentor can shape many lives with their experience. 

Video calls and video consultancy

Video consulting can help you look at things differently and clearly especially when you find yourself confused and jumbled. As long as they are available, your Mentor will attend your call.

Leading advice from experts who know best

Along with the normal subject related knowledge and guidance, your Mentor will even push you to do amazing things if they see opportunity.

Access to hundreds of leaders at reasonable price

We have built Mentor subscription with flexibility in mind. You need to pick the Mentor and take the free trial offer. Once satisfied, you can move to the monthly payment which is quite reasonable. There are no lock-ins and no hidden charges.

By browsing our system you can find the right mentor for your interests. We have streamlined this process by providing profile’s detailing mentors and their qualifications. The use of high quality live video chat allows mentors and mentees to connect with one other and delve into questions and information you simply cannot gain anywhere else. Exclusive access to downloadable e-tools add to your learning experience. 123MENTOR also provide full customer care and easy payment options, giving you more time to spend developing your knowledge and skills.find a career mentor online

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