If you have knowledge in a field, help young professionals around the world with reaching their goals. Are you ready to become a Mentor?

If you can invest some time even if it is for few minutes daily, to share your knowledge with the seekers, you can be a Mentor. Make sure you make time for that commitment.

You need to be available on your time because the one thing that people love about mentorship is that people are available and care for them.

You should have at least some experience along with the knowledge because when you become a Mentor, you will also have to guide your Mentee with hands on difficulties.

Our recruitment process is continually tweaked to ensure quality of Mentors. When you will apply to become a Mentor, you will go through the following steps.

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  1. Application – You fill the application form which gets thoroughly reviewed by us to make sure you fit in our wide ranging mentor team.
  2. On boarding – We will have you on board and you will meet other mentors in the community. You will get access to best practices we have learned with time.
  3. Mentoring – Once you receive your public profile, you will start receiving applications from Mentees. We will make sure you will do well and we will monitor your performance to help you do well.

How does 123mentor works

Since we are making a fresh, innovative attempt to build mentorship relations, it is obvious to be curious how things will work. There are very simple process to become mentor or choose mentor for your project. In simple three steps you can become mentor – just registrar add your portfolio (details) add your availability and you done!

Your public profile

As a Mentor on 123mentor, you will receive a public profile which will indicate your price, what you would do and how much experience you have in that field along with some more information. You have to designate the amount of time and effort you wish to invest here and mentor others in practice while keeping that in mind.

Selection of Mentees

Selection of Mentees through the application you receive is completely up to you. Mentees will fill out their application forms with details like mentorship, their goals, background, expectations and more. Take these points into consideration and decide whether you would take them as Mentee or not.

Start working

Although our platform has clear and user-friendly navigation, we actually do not have any fixed rule regarding effective mentorship. The best thing about 123mentor is that every Mentor solves problems differently and this makes the platform great. Since mentorship starts with a goal, your job is to help your Mentee reach that goal. We will provide you tools to help you communicate with your Mentees from which you can choose the best fitting one.

What is there for you?

This is appreciable that you are taking out time and trying to help other people grow and progress and we are sure you will appreciate the benefits of being a Mentor at 123mentor as well.

  • Mentoring will help you build skills in leadership, empathy and teaching.
  • You will meet hundreds of people here and maybe you collaborate with a future co-worker or business partner here.
  • Monitoring at a price will definitely help you get compensated well. Set a price because that’s a great way to keep on track.
  • You are in control of your investment, services and price.
  • You can accept or reject every mentorship request that comes in.
  • You can also offer timed sessions.

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