Special Significance of Online Mentoring India

Recent survey reveals that more than 75% of Indian professionals look for programs which would help them improve their skills, but they should come along with one to one mentor access. The ongoing pandemic has forced a high percentage of professionals to work from home. The survey for online mentoring shows that today’s career changers and job seekers in India need mentor-led and career focused partnership. In fact, the current situation where work is done remotely has greatly impacted development prospect and career growth in India.

Online Mentoring India

Virtual mentoring or online mentoring programs are a wonderful option to fill in the major gap that has grown in the present job market and is also helping people achieve their career goals across the world. Professionals from different industries or Alumni from well-known colleges undertake students and freshers as mentees and share their knowledge, insight, experience and expertise with them. They are available for other professionals also to help them passively market themselves while they make connections with the current students, academicians, alumni and friends in city, nation or even worldwide.

Students or freshers go through the most important part which is the moulding process and here mentoring helps them make informed choices regarding their career. Some might not differentiate between teaching and mentoring because they share similarities to an extent. But when it comes to professional learning and development, both are different. The survey reveals that more than 85% of the professionals feel that access to seasoned mentor will help boost their career success profoundly and around 80% of the professionals feel that the best way to switch to a new industry is possible with the help of a mentor.

The experienced mentor helps the professionals to identify and then bridge the proficiency gap that usually occurs and speed up knowledge acquisition which would lead them to achieve career goals. Not only this almost 40% of the professionals feel that they need an expert’s guidance to face the challenges in their career growth. The survey also found that around 40% of these professionals were unable to find suitable mentoring India services. Finding a mentor that fits in one’s needs suitably is really a difficult task.

online mentoring India

Anyone who is a working professional cannot deny that mentorship programs have a great impact on filling the opportunity gap that holds people from advancing within the industry or while changing their jobs. Second point that no one would deny is that every professional has the potential and almost everyone is looking forward to upskill. The only thing is that they need the right direction and guidance. There are materials in the form of articles, books and even videos available, but these help professionals grow only to a certain extent. Whereas effective mentoring can help do wonders as they would guide the person and help him apply the knowledge in the right direction and in right manner as well.

The concept of mentoring has always existed in one form or another, but nowadays, with easy access to online sources, online mentoring platforms are gaining immense popularity. The awareness needs to be spread among the professionals because many are still missing the crucial aspect in their skilling journey which is mentorship and which is designed to help them grow with the real world experiences and learnings of their respective mentors. It is therefore, very important to identify a dedicated mentor who would support them throughout their career path.

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