Terms and Conditions

Effective date : April, 25, 2020

General Marketing Conditions

1: Purpose of This Agreement

123mentor.in or 123mentor.com specializes in the online promotion of goods and services and publishes. This Agreement has the purpose of defining the reciprocal commitments of each party for the promotion and sale of the Offer on

behalf of the Company, as described in the specific conditions. Every agreement for the sale of goods and/or provision of services is directly between the Customer and the Company. 123mentor.in or 123mentor.com will receive a commission for its platform fees.

2 : The Organisation of the Company’s Promotion 123mentor.in or 123mentor.com is free to promote the Offer as it wishes and can use all means of communication at its disposal to promote the Offer and sell

services. The entity shall provide visuals, texts, images, and documents as requested in order that 123mentor.in or 123mentor.com be able to promote the Offer. If the entity has a website, 123mentor may include the website logo or URL on the Website.

3: Quality Control

123mentor.in or 123mentor.com wants to ensure the quality and the conformity of the services described in the Agreement with the actual services provided. In order to do so, the Company allows  (or a person warranted to do so in its name) to test the services provided for free either before the Offer appears on the Website or before the Expiry Date. 123mentor also may conduct video tests aiming at evaluating the quality of the welcome received by Members when attempting to access services or when enquiring about the Offer. The Company accepts that the testing may be carried out anonymously and may be recorded. If the entity is found to be encouraging Members to pay the entity directly

during a test call, may include being banned from our platform.

4: Copyright

The entity grants to 123mentor.in or 123mentor.com the right to reproduce, communicate, modify and adapt in any form and by any means all content provided by the entity to 123mentor.in or 123mentor.com including but not limited to photographs, texts, logos and trademarks (“Distinctive Elements”), in relation to the Offer. The Entity acknowledges that this authorisation includes 123mentor.in or 123mentor.com right to use the Distinctive Elements to promote the Offer through various marketing channels as it so chooses. This authorisation is valid in Australia and abroad for the duration of the documents protection under copyright laws. The entity certifies that it is entitled to the above rights or that it is authorised to concede them and also that it has acquired all the necessary rights for the uses endorsed in the current article with the person or persons that may appear in the Distinctive Elements. The entity authorises 123mentor.in or 123mentor.com and its representatives to take photographs and videos of its commercial establishment and its business activities for the purpose of promoting the Offer. If a scheduled photo or video shoot is cancelled by the entity within 24 hours of the scheduled time, the entity will bear the cost of photography and/or videography and the amount may be deducted from any payments owed to the entity. If there is a dispute on the copyright of and content transmitted by the entity to 123mentor.in or 123mentor.com , 123mentor.in or 123mentor.com is in no way responsible. Thus, the entity indemnifies 123mentor.in or 123mentor.com against all claims linked to the use of these copyrights or suits against 123mentor.in and accepts full responsibility for any costs incurred by 123mentor.in or 123mentor.com in defending and/or settling these suits, including but not limited to penalties and legal costs.

5: Customer Service

The entity agrees to settle any disputes with 123mentor.in or 123mentor.com by means of consultations between the respective management teams and, where this does not resolve the dispute within a reasonable period of time, then to refer the dispute to arbitration. The mentor shall respond to mentee complaints and queries in a timely manner while informing 123mentor.in or 123mentor.com of any issues where its involvement may be necessary.

6: Collection Warrant

The Entity expressly grants the right to 123mentor.in or 123mentor.com to collect the money paid for services in the context of the Offer.

7: Financial conditions and Payment.

123mentor.in or 123mentor.com will collect service fees for all services sold. In payment for its marketing services, 123mentor.in or 123mentor.com will retain the commission outlined in this Agreement for each service sold and not subsequently refunded. This commission is subject to the usual rate of inclusive of state taxes. 123mentor.in or 123mentor.com is able to change the service Price at its sole discretion, however the entity will still be paid as if the Voucher Price had remained constant.

8: Refunds

The enitity authorises 123mentor.in or 123mentor.com to issue refunds at its sole discretion.

  • User agrees to pay all fees or charges to in accordance with the fees, charges, and billing terms in effect at the time a fees or charges are due and payable. By providing credit card number or account and associated payment information, User agrees that 123mentor.in or 123mentor.com is authorized to immediately invoice account of User for all fees and charges due and payable to 123mentor.in or 123mentor.com hereunder and that no additional notice or consent is required. To avoid penalties, please send your cancellation via email to [email protected], before 48 hours from time of the consult.
  • 123mentor.in or 123mentor.com reserves right to modify or implement a new pricing structure at any time prior to billing you for your initial payment or for future payments due pursuant to these Terms of

9: Confidentiality

The entity commits itself to maintaining strict confidentiality when it comes to all the Confidential Information it had access to during the negotiation or execution of the services.

10: Applicable Law and Competent Jurisdiction

This Agreement is subject to the laws of india.

11: 123mentor.in or 123mentor.com Liability

123mentor.in or 123mentor.com bears no responsibility as an intermediary and cannot be held responsible in case of damage caused by the Customer to the entity or by the entity to the Customer. The entity therefore commits to indemnify 123mentor.in or 123mentor.com  against all damages or claims made by any Customer who purchases, receives or redeems a service. The above provisions do not apply to benefit 123mentor.in or 123mentor.com if the cause of the loss or claim against123mentor.in or 123mentor.com or the entity has been a breach of Agreement by 123mentor.in or 123mentor.com 

12: Entity Approval

123mentor.in or 123mentor.com invests financial resources into the promotion of the Offer and may seek approval from the entity regarding the accuracy of the content contained on the relevant Website page. Once the relevant Website page has been approved by the Company.

13. Disputes

Any disputes arising under this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of India.

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